“I Found You” – The Music Video

Hi Everyone!

This week, we’re thrilled to share the official music video for our new single, “I Found You”!

This was a special video for us as we filmed most of it in our hometown of Langley, British Columbia with many of our friends involved along the way!

We would like to give a special shout-out and thank you to Royalty Records, Raincoast Music, FACTOR, Skyline Pictures, Jorge Maldonado, Parker Holmes, Jesse Young, Andrew Johnson, Skye Markham, David Wills, Paul Shatto, Kyle Patouillet, Taylor McNeil, Melisa Pears, Amanda Schlackl, Wyatt Peters, Chantal Saunders, Jenelle Klein, Ashley Klein, Graeme Hahn, Brittany Towson, Cassandra Godwin, Amanda Farrand, Jeff Caines, Michal Bodzanowski, Kale Rees, Brooklynn McNeil, Andrea McNeil, Chris Berger, Erin Cockerill, Adam Lister, Cassandra Smith, Cole Aasen, Kevin Jebson, Cassie Devine, Terri Nahirney, Ev Cockerill, and Kathy and Reg Gillespie!

We also want to thank our fans for watching and we encourage you to share the video with your friends.

Robyn & Ryleigh


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