Summer Memories – Part 1: Starting the Summer in Summerland

Hi Everyone!

This summer was the busiest that we’ve ever had and it took us to some great places where we made great music, friends, and memories along the way.


What better way to kick off our summer memories than in Summerland?

The musical highlight of our stop in Summerland was – of course – the music where we played at the Summerland Action Fest for two days. The weather was great and so were the people. We love making new fans!

summerland cuties-revised

There was lots to see and do besides that.

We were staying at a lovely resort on the water during Action Fest and we had our own private rooms. Then one morning, Robyn peeked over her deck…


Oh hi! We just can’t escape from another!

From there, it was off to Alberta, but first we stopped at the Log Barn near Enderby where – among other things – I had to save Robyn from a dinosaur!


Yeah, it was one of those days. Very fun!

What happened once we got to Alberta?

Find out next time!


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