Summer Memories – Part 2: Rodeos, Radio Stations, and Recordings in Alberta

Hi Everyone!

After we started the summer in the Okanagan, it was road trip time and we headed out to Alberta for a mix of three of our favourite things – live performances, radio station visits, and studio recording!


Our first stop in Alberta was in Crossfield where we were among the performers for this year’s Pete Knight Days on June 12th and June 13th. This is all to celebrate Pete Knight, a legendary cowboy, and let’s face it, what’s not to love about cowboys?

These were summer shows, but at night they felt like early winter, but we had a great time, especially because we got to open for Karen Lee Batten (in the above photo with us and Chris LeBlanc).

We also learned that Albertans have a very special way of handling the bar. You get your shot of liquor and then pick and pour your own mix! We’d never seen that before and we think they’re on to something fun!


After Crossfield, we stopped by a number of country music radio stations in Alberta to promote our single, “I Found You”. As usual, we had a great time on and off the air with the lively personalities in the Alberta country music radio market. Some of our stops included AM 1140, Chat 94.5 FM, Sun Country 99.7 FM, and 790 CFCW.

The Prairies are a country music paradise and we felt a lot of history just walking inside each of these stations. It was a great time!


Last but not least, we went to OCL Studios on the outskirts of Calgary, Alberta to work on recording our upcoming EP! OCL Studios is hands-down one of the most beautiful studios we’ve ever experienced with our own eyes.

See for yourself!


ocl recording and radio tour oclstudiocalgary

As you can imagine, the studio is our second favourite home after the stage, and this recording experience was fun, professional, and exciting in just about every way possible.

As hard as it was to leave the studio (and the many great people who joined us there this summer), we were excited knowing that our very best music will be making its way to our fans very soon!

To everyone in Crossfield and at OCL Studios, thank you!

-Robyn & Ryleigh


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