BY HEART!!! Wow what a journey this album has been. It was a journey making it, it’ll be a journey reading about how we made it and it sure is a journey listening to it! It takes you through many emotions, making it a roller coaster ride of listening. That’s what we try to do with every album, a little bit of this, a little bit of that and a little bit more of something else. Voila!!! We have an album! One song can take you through 80’s rock and surface in a reggae sounding bridge, others take you into a pop twist or a beautiful finger picking ballad.

Ryleigh and I started with a basic version of Rockstar and a half version of Home Wrecker. We came up with a tune, some lyrics and weren’t quite finished with it yet… then Nashville happened. We took these songs in a notepad on the plane, through Dallas (where we saw Hayden Panatiere from the show Nashville) and because we were carrying a guitar, one of the Westjet workers decided that he wanted us to play for everybody. So we did! We whipped out the guitar for the whole airport. After that, they gave us star treatment and we literally followed the same back access route they led Hayden through… Cool!

So we stopped in Dallas, gave them a show and continued onto Nashville. We stayed in a house with our managers. Which was really cool, because we ended up making everyone green smoothies in the morning, thanks to the house being fully stocked with kitchen equipment.
We had meetings with 4 writers and brought two of them the partial songs we had for Rockstar and Home Wrecker. That’s how those two songs made it onto the album. They were good and we went to Nashville and made them great!

We met with another writer and were having a bit of a down day… I guess he might have been too, because we all came up with the song “Better Tomorrow. I know you’re thinking , how could you have a down day in Nashville? You’re right, you can’t really but we were just being dramatically homesick that day and got over it as soon as we realized we had a song that was album worthy on our hands.

We ended up going in that very day and recording a demo in a Nashville studio, It was so amazing! There’s something really cool in the air in Nashville, something that sparks creativity like a match to gasoline or very very dry wood haha.

We had some awesome writing sessions and were still able to tour the city and catch some of the amazing live music. Wow! That’s pretty much the greatest describing word for Nashville. We will never forget that trip and can’t wait to go back. Maybe for the next album?

Leaving Nashville was very sad, but we didn’t leave empty handed. We ended up with 4 songs that made it onto this album. That’s better than any souvenir we ever could have gotten.
Although next time I’m going to bring an extra suitcase to shop for their buy 1 get 2 free boots, on their main strip… yes please!!

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