randr-media-footerSisters Robyn (left) and Ryleigh (right) Gillespie are an emerging country/pop duo hailing from Langley, B.C. Their sound is a reflection of their combined musical influences,  the energy of modern sounds blended with traditional country elements of acoustic instruments, meaningful lyrics, and sibling harmonies.

Recently signed to Royalty Records (Sony Music Canada) with fresh new music on the way, the girls are primed to break out on an international level.

R&R, as their friends and family lovingly tag them, are true Canadian country girls in daily life, growing up in a serene setting on the family property in B.C.’s Fraser Valley. When not on a stage or in a recording studio, Robyn can be found tinkering on her own car, while Ryleigh loves quadding, and once beat some farm boys in a tractor race at a fair after one of their gigs.

This sister duo is also very passionate about staying fit, eating healthy nourishing foods and sharing their love for health and fitness.

Robyn and Ryleigh are authentic country girls, singing about fast cars, boys, and hot summer nights. Part mud, part makeup, part glamorous, part funny. The perfect recipe for a couple of girls you’d like to get to know better.




Robyn Gillespie

On Stage: I feed off the energy of my sister and our audience and bring it into my performance. 1-2-3 rock it!!
Musical Influences: Miranda Lambert, Nickelback, Taylor Swift and the Dixie Chicks
Favourite Foods: Pizza and California Rolls. I also like to put Frank’s RedHot on everything!
Favourite Movies: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Moulin Rouge, Twilight, The Notebook, Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones, and anything with Channing Tatum or Shia LaBeouf!
Favourite Colour: Green
Favourite Article of Clothing: Anything LuluLemon and I love my heels!
Make-Up Accessory of Choice: Chapstick and my Mac Bronzer
Pets: My cat, Daisy.
Guilty Pleasures: Sweets and chips.
Pet Peeve: Major Public Displays of Affection!
Hobbies: Quadding, camping, playing guitar, singing and writing.
Random Fact: I love breakfasts!
Words I Live By: Everything happens for a reason.



Ryleigh Gillespie

On Stage: I am definitely an entertainer. I love taking the microphone and rocking the crowd! I have a lot of energy!
Favourite Foods: Sushi, nachos, anything spicy.
Favourite Movies: Taken and Taken 2, Transformers, and Harry Potter!
Favourite Colours: Purple, pink, and blue.
Favourite Article of Clothing: Lululemon pants!
Make-Up Accessory of Choice: I can’t live without Chapstick, but I also like anything MAC.
Pets: I have a fat cat named Daisy (I love her!) and if all goes as planned, I would love to have a pig because they are my absolute favourite animal.
Guilty Pleasures: Chocolate – if it is in my sight, I will eat it! Also, ’80s music – I could listen to it every single day!
Pet Peeve: Loud, obnoxious bag crunchers – like when you’re watching a movie with a bag of chips and the person you’re with puts their hand in the bag for a long time and the bag is constantly crinkling!
Hobbies: Acting and singing are honestly my favourite things to do alongside working out and playing with my cat!
Random Fact: I am always doing accents… I will be talking to someone and have this sudden urge to just break into some sort of accent.
Words I Live By: Live life like it’s your last day. No regrets.