Summer Memories – Part 6: Getting Unbuckled in Stanley Park


For our last concert of the summer, we ended up in beautiful Stanley Park for Unbuckled!

At this inaugural event, it was amazing to see all the cowboys and cowgirls roaming the park. There was truly a sea of cowboy hats and cowboy boots that just went on for miles.

At Unbuckled, we were so happy to share the stage with The Matinee, The Tishomingo String Band, and Locked N Loaded – who had everyone dancing the day away. It was a beautiful afternoon with a great turnout.


What great fun it was to be part of the first ever Unbuckled! Vancouver cowboys and cowgirls sure know how to party!

All in all, our summer was full of music and memories to last us through until our next opportunity to share our songs and enjoy the beautiful surroundings that Canada has to offer!

-Robyn & Ryleigh

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Summer Memories – Part 5: Singing in the Summer Street Festival


We spent 2 days and 2 nights in Revelstoke as performers in the Summer Street Festival!

Revelstoke is a very beautiful place with mountains all around! Unfortunately due to the dreadful forest fires this summer, the smoke filled the air and completely blocked our view. Our second night was cut a little short because of the air quality.


Besides all of that we had a great time performing there.  The local people were so nice and we weren’t the only tourists admiring the sights and sounds of Revelstoke. There were lots of other tourists in the area as well. We hope to return soon to see the beautiful spots that we missed out on, but we’ll remember the great times we did have there!

-Robyn & Ryleigh


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Summer Memories – Part 4: CBC and Sunfest


A few weeks after our busy batch of concerts in late June and early July, we got to perform in two of our favourite events in the summer – one that we’ve done once before and another that was brand new and a career milestone for us.

First up, we returned to the CBC Studios in Vancouver to play outside as part of the CBC Musical Nooners Concert Series on July 29th.


This wasn’t our first time here, but the second time had just as much excitement. Performing in the heart of Vancouver is always a unique experience for us, especially when it comes to watching the crowds (it’s not just them watching us!).

Some people were there specifically to watch the show, while others just happened to be walking by but decided to stay and watch the show – which made us really happy! Special thank you to jjBean for keeping the coffee flowing nearby and offering a great place for people to sit and watch our show!


The next stop – just a day later – was at the Sunfest Country Music Festival in Cowichan! Have we mentioned how much we love Keith Urban?

When we pulled up to Sunfest, all we could see were campers and tents and trailers and country music lovers everywhere – oh and cowboy boots and hats! We felt right at home with this crowd. When we got to the backstage area, we were blown away by the size of the production and all of the amazing people who were setting it all up. It was our first time performing at Sunfest and it was especially cool to open up the entire event!

Next blog stop?


-Robyn & Ryleigh

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